If you or a loved one is arrested or believes that an arrest is imminent, then a criminal attorney should be hired immediately.  Suspects are extremely vulnerable without the protection of counsel, and police and prosecutors often take advantage of this vulnerability at the early stages of a case. 

For instance, criminal suspects have important constitutional rights such as the right to remain silent and not to have their persons or premises searched without legal justification or judicially obtained warrants.  However, exercising these rights can be difficult for a suspect without counsel, as law enforcement can be manipulative and deceptive.  Indeed, the law authorizes them to be manipulative and deceptive.  This encourages law enforcement to circumvent constitutional rights to acquire crucial evidence that can undermine a defense.

An arraignment is the initial appearance in court when formal charges are presented and bail is set. Effective representation is critical at this proceeding to secure the release of the accused and to make important decision that may permanently shape the litigation and increase the likelihood of a successful defense.

Glenn A. Garber, P.C. is available to intervene prior to the arraignment and will fight hard to obtain prompt release from jail or affordable bail.