With over 25 years of experience practicing at the highest level of professionalism with the greatest degree of integrity, we enjoy an excellent reputation in the courts and are respected as formidable adversaries. Recognizing that justice does not just happen but is acquired through hard work and strong advocacy, Glenn A. Garber, P.C. represents its clients proactively and, when necessary, takes an aggressive, hardnosed approach. 

Glenn A. Garber, P.C. does not advertise and obtains most of its cases from referrals from prior clients, the greatest compliment for our work.  Our staff is fluent in Spanish, and we strive to provide comprehensive care to our clients and their families. We assist with all of their legal needs, including personal injury, immigration and family law. 

Glenn A. Garber, P.C. is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 212-965-9370 

we PROVIDE FREE consultations and fee quotes.